American ‘EXCEPT’ionalism

American Exceptionalismrefers to the special character of the United States as a uniquely free nation based on democratic ideals and personal liberty.” americanExceptionalism3
I would say that America is exceptional in some aspects but not exceptional in others.
A certain amount of Americans have the belief that the United States is exceptional because we have more rights than other countries and we fight for what our people believe in, but we should also bring up the fact that we believed an African American to be ⅗’s of a person and until the Child Labor Laws were put into place, children under the age of 12 were working over 8 hours a day. Yes, of course these issues might have been resolved and “fixed” with the child labor laws and the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments were enacted but there are still issues that have the citizens of the United States have been fighting for, such as women receiving equal pay and human beings referred to as “going against our Heavenly Father.” Personally, America may have been exceptional in some aspects, but how can we say that  “personal liberty” is achieved by living in the United States, if not everyone is getting the gain from it. I say if America is exceptional then why are we still fighting for “All men are created equal…”?
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Maybe the entire idea of AMerican Exceptionalism is a myth? There might be a chance that citizens of the United States are blind sighted to some of the major issues that occur today. The National Interest creates an important point, stating that other societies had also thought they were the strongest and the most elite nation, but now history classes go back and say what they did wrong. 
The defending of the country’s exceptionalism was broughten back a notch when President Obama made a statement, saying that The United States’ exceptionalism is no different from many other country’s ideas of exceptionalism of their own country. Exceptionalism is just a form of patriotism. We believe that our country is amazing and the best in the world, but others also have these thoughts of their own country such as Britain and Greece. We might be thinking a slight bit too highly of our country.  Another strong argument in this article towards America being Exceptional is that conservatives believe United States is exceptional because of its strong desire for individualism. However, as stated in the introduction, nowadays we are still fighting off racism, sexism and sexuality. Citizens have been taken from their Second Amendment which states “Right to Bear Arms” due to high rate of crime in the United States.

On the other hand, America is completely exceptional when it comes to certain aspects, but is not fulling 
pleasing the people and making sure that all of their rights are placed in their hands. Although there may be more of a dominant religion, one would not be put down for the background (to a certain extent.)equal rights
In the end, America may not be exceptional at the moment, but it is growing at a rapid pace and soon will truly deserve the term “exceptional.”


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